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Ansible RESTful Dynamic Inventory with Node.js

Most examples of Ansible Dynamic Inventory are coded in Python or Bash, but if you want to access a RESTful API to get your inventory, e.g. from OpenStack Nova Compute API, then the language of the web – aka Javascript – could be a better approach.

So, lets first have a look at a simple example in Javascript of how the inventory data is constructed:

If we run this script we get the following results:

Running this from Ansible gives us:

So, lets take the next step and write an inventory script to pull fixed or floating IP addresses from the OpenStack Nova Compute RESTful API.  Here’s my script to demo this:

This script first authenticates the user for the tenant, then calls the Nova RESTful API with the authentication token, getting a list of servers and their details.  The inventory is then generated from either the fixed or floating IP addresses.

Run this script to see the JSON it generates:

Which, from my OpenStack, generates:

We can now run this from Ansible using:


So, in summary, Javascript and Node.js (or io.js) are suitable candidates for Ansible Dynamic Inventory scripting, especially when you want to get data from a RESTful API.

Adding a RESTful API on a Unix Domain Socket to a MEAN Stack Application

Why would you want to do this? Well, it provides the ability to expose your API to command line utilities.  For example Docker does this exact same thing for it’s CLI.

Here is an example server API layered on a default MEAN stack scaffold app.js:

Here is an example command-line client, using Node.js, that accesses the above server API:

Finally the results of running the cli: